Nursery in a Bungalow
The baby's nursery is in an attic space adjoining the parents' room. I continued the mint and purple of the parents' room into the nursery because they share a door that stays open most of the time so that the spaces are often viewed as one. I tried to keep the style of the room both mature-tulips in modern vase, toile pillow pattern, earthen purple jug-and whimsical: Curious George and homemade stuffed character in primary colors. I introduced taupe by adding a fabric that is wrapped around a wooden frame above the dresser. This is the same fabric that I used to custom make a crib skirt and blanket that can be used for a bed when the baby graduates to one. The custom linen help the crib become a focal point of the room. The taupe brought about by the fabric balances the mint (BM Jack and the Beanstalk) with the purple so that this room is not juvenile or two dimensional. By grouping photo albums and placing a pillow and a lamp at its side, the dresser becomes an additional focal point in this low ceilinged room.