2019 Condo Renovation
This three bedroom condo in a historic and art-loving part of New Jersey had a full redo. I was called in after the kitchen cabinets and wood floors were installed. We upgraded the electric in the home with fixtures that were modern with a playful edge, but still clean-lined to fit the client's aesthetic. Painted most of the walls in different greiges since the client wanted art to take center stage. We added touches of lime to a gray and navy living room palette as well as hints of azalea pink to the dining room. We changed out the front closet from bi-folds to two doors to give it a more formal entry point. The wall dividing the kitchen from the living room was topped by the same granite as the kitchen counter. We switched it out for a custom, live-edge slab of walnut. The achieved giving each room its own character and breaking up the boring sameness that existed between the spaces. All in all, there is a cool, calm, yet invigorating and updated feeling to the entire condo.